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REBCON is a consulting firm specializing in providing services for strategic and operational issues in the utility
industry.   Collectively, our principals have over 200 years of combined service in the utility industry.

REBCON understands the utility industry. We work with all sectors of the utility industry and federal/state
agencies to address the myriad of issues that are in the forefront of regulatory concerns today.  In particular
we focus on forms of alternative/renewable energy that promote green initiatives.

REBCON functions as an independent resource, enabling us to offer recommendations based on empirical data
rather than on preconceived expectations.  Accordingly, our advice and deliverables will stand the strictest

REBCON provides consulting services relating to:

•        independent, objective due diligence and technology evaluations

•        environmental impact studies

•        pre-feasibility or conceptual design studies

•        financial and technical risk assessment

•        assistance in all phases of  regulatory proceedings

As an industry leader, REBCON can help you weigh your options and provide the tools to enable you to reach
the appropriate decision.

REBCON partners with its clients by providing talented consultants and by delivering value-added solutions,
helping them achieve their objectives.
101 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011                                            554 Cambridge Street, Cambria, CA  93428

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Business Process

  • Analysis, and Process

  • Business Process Re-
    Engineering and Process

  • Compliance Management

  • Due Diligence

  • Feasibility and Planning

  • Field Studies and

  • Permitting

  • Remediation

  • Staff Evaluation
Legal, Finance & Accounting

  • Asset and Resource Planning
    and Depreciation Analysis

  • Cost Review and Performance

  • Debt Issuance Planning and

  • Enterprise Risk Analysis

  • Financial Forecasting and

  • Rate Analysis, Rate Case
    Development, and Regulatory

  • Regulatory, Government, and
    Construction Accounting

  • Special Projects

  • Distribution
    Management, Demand
    Response, and Load
    Control Systems

  • Energy Management and
    Market Systems

  • Renewable/Green
    Technology Evaluation

  • Renewable/Green
    Technology Procurement

  • Renewable/Green
    Technology Deployment

  • Telecommunications
    Media and Networks

  • Integration,
    Communications, and
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